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Database monitoring and management software built for SQL query performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning.

Cross-Platform Database Performance Management

With support for over 10 major database platforms, DPA empowers database administrators, systems administrators, developers, and more to help pinpoint the root cause of performance problems quickly. Anomaly detection powered by machine learning helps administrators quickly determine if the database performance is normal.


  • Locate inefficient workloads
  • Pinpoint the most impactful queries
  • Visualize your performance history


  • Database performance analysis
  • Intelligent query performance analysis
  • Machine learning powered anomaly detection


  • Make better indexing decisions
  • Optimize database design
  • Change tuning from reactive to proactive

Database Monitoring and Optimization

Database optimization is based on a thorough understanding of your query functionality. To improve expensive queries, DBAs typically use a variety of manual methods to fix the details of your query or to rearrange the structure of the index itself.

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